Rice & Associates, Inc. is a corporate consultation and training firm committed to increasing the productivity and effectiveness of corporations through the development and implementation of organization-centered training programs and Organizational Development consultation in the areas of leadership, change, empowerment, teambuilding, process improvement and specialized communications. Our programs are custom-designed within a common framework which incorporates the organization’s corporate vision and strategies; within that framework, training and development is adapted to the specific needs of each level of the organization, from senior management to “front-line” employees. As such, overall corporate goals are systematically pursued throughout the organization while also addressing the particular needs of each level of employee. Our approach has proved successful with such corporations as AT&T, The Bank Administration Institute, Ciba/BASF, General Dynamics, Hoechst Celanese, Sprint, IBM, Glaxo, Northrop Grumman/TRW and Unilever.

Certain principles drive the delivery of our services, and underscore the mission of Rice & Associates:

All programs are designed and implemented around the specifically stated needs of the client. We provide extensive needs assessment and consultation prior to developing our programs, and make incremental changes and improvements throughout program delivery to assure that the group and the organization’s needs are being met effectively. Our relationships with client firms are developed in the context of a partner relationship.

We provide participants with a gut-level, practical understanding of concepts. As such, we present a conceptual framework based on current research, thereafter integrating experiential exercises which expedite learning and build skills. We are conceptually-based, recognizing the need for its emphasis in upper-level management programs. We also believe that concrete skill-building is required to take concepts back to the workplace.

We prefer to use a learner-centered approach. As a general rule, we prefer to work with small-to-medium sized groups. This arrangement allows us to provide participants with the highest quality service possible through our learner-centered instruction training methods and exercises. Participants tend to feel more involved, and acquisition / retention is greater.

We don’t believe in training for training’s sake. The most productive use of training time occurs when participants work on relevant business issues. While our programs are concept/skill based, we work on substantive business issues, while modeling effective leadership and communication skills.

We strive for bottom-line results. Successful training and development results in individual development as well as the increased effectiveness and productivity of the whole. We strive for bottom-line results, rather than a short-term increase in morale.

We maintain long-term accountability for the results of our programs. Our expertise is available to individual participants as well as training coordinators on an on-going, consulting basis. If requested by the client, a qualitative survey can be implemented to measure results.

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